Mitzi’s cafe

May 28th, 2010

Today we got up early to have some breakfast before opening the store. We were headed to Grapefruit Moon but because of the crazy Gardiner closure (for the whole summer, no less!) the traffic going cross town was horrendous. Regardless, it was a beautiful day and we wanted to be outside so we went to one of our favorite localish haunts “Mitzi’s” on Sorauren (the College St. location is equally great).

Juli was wearing her new outfit from Robber.

I had my summer hat on.

This brunch is by far the best bang for your buck in Toronto! We always get the “Mitzi’s breakfast”: the best ever sour dough toast, two eggs, bacon, greens (we substitute the potatoes for greens), and a good amount of fruit, X 2 and two cups of coffee costs around 20 bucks.


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