November, 2009

New business cards!

November 30th, 2009


We’re loving our new business cards, and this Japanese card holder by Makoto Koizumi.



Cards designed by Sali Tabacchi.

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Order in the entryway.

November 26th, 2009


John took it upon himself to paint the hallway yesterday. This is our front door, which opens to the kitchen and the cat’s much dreaded narrow long hallway. So there isn’t much room here for disorganization.


John suggested we paint the inside of the door black, and this little bit of punctuation was just the thing this area was calling out for. Freaky aside: through our peripheral vision, we keep thinking the door is open.


We’re selling these cool little Magnet Tacks at mjölk so as you can imagine, we have already been pillaging our stock. Keeping our key situation under control, designed by Hironao Tsuboi for 100% (Japan). Sadly, this space also has a lot of unsightly fixtures such as the fire pull.


We are also selling Skagerak teak wardrobes and benches/stools for entryways. This set up works perfectly in our small space. We have a spot to sit to tie up our shoes, a box on wheels for winter gear, and a place to hang our coats, which until now had been thrown on top of whatever surfaces were available.

I realize this is starting to sound like a plug for the store, but we ordered what we wanted ourselves, so we’re naturally using it in our space!



That very rad stand umbrella is totally standing on its own, because it has feet! Ingenious design by Hironao Tsuboi for 100%.

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mjölk renovation update!

November 24th, 2009

new mjolk photos-3

It’s been a week since we last had a store update. We’re getting product shipments daily and every morning feels like Christmas, we even got our first furniture shipment in yesterday! The space is coming along as well, the feature wall is being installed and the electrical is being connected.

new mjolk photos-2

This would have been the end of the building at some point, before the extension was added in the 60s.

new mjolk photos-4

The wall behind our desk.

new mjolk photos-1

new mjolk photos-5

The wall is already being assembled.

new mjolk photos-6

The frames are like wooden skeletons

new mjolk photos-7

I hope the smell of cedar never leaves.

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More: White, light and modern

November 23rd, 2009


Our friend Carol sent us a link to the H house by Sou Fujimoto architects. It fits very nicely with our theme of white light and modern. Something we’re wanted for the apartment renovation down the road.

I especially like the combination of the light wood cupboards and the white lower kitchen cabinets.


So much light! It makes this brown table really POP.


I love these wooden staircases.


This sunken bathtub is really unique, it could potentially help insulate the tub better.



The glass floors brings the light in from above all the way the the main floor.


via freshome

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Inspiration: Swedish apartment

November 23rd, 2009


Wow, this place is just gorgeous. We love the light plank floors and original architectural details.


We can’t get enough of the Hastens bed, we’re looking for something low to the ground and very minimal. This would be the perfect solution. We heard they have recently developed a more affordable line…


How amazing would this black tile fireplace look is our living room?


Since we have no closet in our apartment, this is looking like heaven. We love the black built in closets and the white snow cabinets.

via design fragment

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Random mjölk and katt

November 22nd, 2009

A few admin things on this fine Sunday afternoon. As you can see to the right, we have apparently joined the 21st century by opening a Twitter account. So if you indulge in such things, please feel free to add us. We’ll be using it for store updates, random musings and some fun little games that incorporate store deals!

Also, I have been trying in vain to create a mailing list for the store via wordpress, so in the meantime, if you want to be added to the mjölk website mailing list, then send us an email at info [at] mjolk [dot] ca with “mailing list” in the subject line. Sound like a plan?

On another note, for you Junctioners (Junctionites? Junctioneers?), we tried out the new bakery/cafe littlefish for breakfast today and it was quite good. They are still getting their footing being only 2 weeks new but the french toast was like cake. Yum.


Also, here is a photo of our two-headed cat. The left we call Isha, the right we call Grover. Still not happy about the move, noise and suddenly condensed space. Death stares.

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