December, 2015

Give the Gift of Growth

December 9th, 2015

For the plant lover in your life, these gifts for the gardener bring the warmth of natural materials like brass, terracotta, oak and oxidized metals, into the home.


Min Brass and Oak Watering Can designed by Anderssen & Voll for Mjolk – $395.00

Gardenias Vase Shape No. 2 by Jamie Hayon for BD Barcelona – $455.00



Scissors by Tajika Ironworks$55.00 / $75.00 / $95.00 / $260.00

Tajika Haruo Ironworks have been producing handcrafted scissors in Ono City, Japan, for 4 generations. Each piece is hand-forged and hand-sharpened using traditional methods dating back to the Showa period.

Ang Vase Long by Eva Schildt for Klong – $200.00

The long version of the Ang Vase is made from an oxidized brass. This series of vases is a re-imagining of a flower vase, it consists of an oxidized brass sleeve with a brass bracket insert that acts as a florist support. In Japan, these supports are called kenzen and allow for a landscape of plant material. Even very sparse arrangements using found materials like twigs and blades of grass can create beautiful results.


Ang Vase Round Large by Eva Schildt for Klong – $200.00

Ang Vase Round Small by Eva Schildt for Klong – $97.00

Iris Hantverk Goat Hair Dust Brush – $30.00

Dustpan – $20.00

This brush allows for the gentle removal of dust and other small debris from any surface. The brush is made of oil treated oak, and soft goat hair. Iris Hantverk employs visually impaired craftspeople to create beautiful handmade brushes. Each individual bundle of bristles are bound to hardwood handles, just like they were made in the 19th Century.

Made in Sweden.


With the holidays quickly approaching we wanted to let you know that we offer complimentary gift wrapping with any online purchases, just let us know in the ‘notes’! To get your items before December 24th, get your orders in early.

Canadian Customers
Regular Post: December 10
Xpress Post: December 21
Priority Post: December 22

United States Customers
Regular Post: December 8
Xpress Post: December 15
Priority Post: December 21

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Give the Gift of Light

December 3rd, 2015


Hostess/Host gift:

Jurgen Lehl Beeswax Candle

Ildhane W474-H474-63402_15.11.05.Mjolk2687
For cozy days and nights: 

Ildhane Candleholder by Anderssen & Voll – $85

Kristina Stark Hommage Match Box $25-$55

Ihada Brass Tray – $440

Not on website:

Hallgeir chamber Light for Menu – $110

Renaud Sauve porcelain candle snuffs – $225


Oil Lamp by Toronto-based Castor – $395


JWDA Concrete Lamp – $250 (available early December)



Klong Patina Oil Lamps in three sizes – $160 / $275 / $340


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