March, 2012

New coffee table

March 27th, 2012


I hope everyone’s week is going well. I’m sorry for our blog neglect recently, we are so close to having the baby and there are so many loose ends to tie up before her arrival. Something we’ve been meaning to share with you all that we needed to clean the apartment up first to photograph is our new table by Winnipeg based architect and designer Thom Fougere.

You might recognize it from the IDS coverage we did this year, the beautiful Manitoba tyndal stone was unlike anything we’ve ever seen. We asked Thom during the event if he would consider selling us his prototype, I think our enthusiasm paid off and he accepted.


The table is nice and low, so when you stand over it the stone looks as if it’s hovering above the steel structure.




This is our view of it from the sofa. Don’t worry, we have some very nice Pia Wallen felt coasters that will keep the top looking nice and crisp for a long time.

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The Ultimate Bathroom by Nendo

March 20th, 2012


Quite possibly the most beautiful collection of bathroom accessories we’ve ever seen.

Of course it’s by our friends at Nendo.

The collection is for Bisazza who have already collaborated with design super stars like Jamie Hayon and Marcel Wanders. The series will debut at Milan this year along with an installation by Nendo.

A wall-mounted box frame sink.

An overflow bathroom sink and vanity.


Mirrors that look like like pooling water in a wooden frame.


Wood storage module.

Photos and story via Azure Magazine

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Baby Shower

March 9th, 2012
baby_shower-1 baby_shower-9

Ok, let’s get a little girly here for a second (indulge the 36 week pregnant gal). I wanted to share with you our baby shower, since our friend Jennifer put on such an amazing tea party last Sunday. We’re getting so close to the beginning of a new chapter, so it was so nice to get together with some of our closest friends and family to celebrate this new little life that will be joining our world.

Jennifer spent days getting everything ready, making cake pops despite warnings on blogs that they weren’t worth the effort (sadly she only got about 5 out of it in the end), baking the famed New York Times cookies (delicious!), making cute finger sandwiches (apparently it’s very time consuming cutting off all the crust). Thankfully she had some help from our friend Hollie, who also made a lot of the baked goods above. John’s mom Nancy brought pierogies, which I can never say no to. Umm, the photos above are from before all the food was laid out.

baby_shower-6 baby_shower-2

She handmade all the pretty poofs hanging from the ceiling. Our hired baby for the day Aria (ok, she wasn’t hired, but she was entertaining!) got a real kick out of them so I took a few for the baby zone at home. We haven’t even set anything up yet, mostly because it’s just the space beside our bed and well, it’s kind of strange having a baby space without a baby. But I guess we better get to it…


I’m still enjoying the prettiest roses.

baby_shower-3 baby_shower-8

Half of the tea cups and pot set were borrowed from Jennifer’s mother-in-law (thank you!).


There were three teas from Tealish to choose from, and Jennifer thoughtfully made little take away samples for everyone. Toasty Almond was the most popular.


Since men were also invited to the party, Taylor got his man room all set up. They drank beer from tea cups, I hear.


We received many wonderful and useful gifts from our guests, I am slowly unpacking the box and getting everything sorted. I almost have a full laundry basket of tiny pink things. It’s kind of unreal.

Lauren, our assistant at the shop had to of course work, so she couldn’t make it to the party. But how cute is her gift? She worked with Arounna from Bookhou to get it all done, but hand stitched the Kitka logo herself.


I used to collect picture books, so Lauren found us some hilarious vintage Swedish books (in English). As you probably could imagine, Snurr is the comic relief. Also, a book about Buttered Bread…how quaint.



Early April is quickly approaching! It’s a little nerve-wracking entering the unknown, but I’m sure everyone approaches parenthood with a mix of trepidation and excitement. I’m nervous about leaving the store, as it’s a lot of work for John to handle on his own. But our mom and pop shop is growing, not only with the baby, but with the addition of John’s brother Frank, who recently moved to the neighborhood to work at Mjölk and help us out. He’s still learning the ropes, but he’s an awesome addition, and it’s nice to have more family close by. And of course there is Lauren as well, who we leave alone often when traipsing off to faraway lands. So I think the shop is in good hands!

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