December, 2010

Snow, Breakfast, and Thor

December 7th, 2010

This is what I saw outside my window yesterday morning. This wasn’t the first snow fall this year, but it was the first time the snow stuck around.

It was our day off so we decided to go to Poor John’s in Parkdale for some brunch.

Juli had a breakfast bagel.

I had the traditional breakfast with marble rye toast, it was delicious! So nice to have a new brunch spot!

We finished our coffee at Poor Johns and decided to get another coffee at a new Scandinavian inspired espresso bar called Thor. We had the pleasure of meeting the owners Patrick and Tom during their renovations, but this was our first time actually seeing Thor in person.

Pine slats Spruce tongue and groove from a mid 1800s manufactory in the Kitchener/Waterloo area run the length of the bar.

It’s a cozy light filled space with sheepskins draped over white black and blue Eames shell chairs, the side tables are made from off-cuts from the bar.

The Eero Aarnio stools are from us, and they look amazing in the space!

A nice bright corner full of design and travel books, along with other goodies for sale.

Industrial felt covers pine benches underneath the span of windows.

One of the most important items at Thor is their “Slayer” espresso machine, one of only 52 on the planet.

The Viking themed artwork on the bathroom door by Afo Grigoriev, who also did the mural behind the bar. Love it!

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Ten Broeck Cottage by Messana O’Rorke

December 5th, 2010

It’s getting cold out there, and the colder it gets outside the cozier it is indoors. I remember coming across this home in  a book called “Scandinavian Modern Home”, and it’s been featured on other blogs but when I saw it again on ArchDaily, It reminded me of how beautiful and cozy the home really is.

A nice and simple walnut and stainless steel kitchen, I think I even spy a Vola faucet.

Big old wooden beams.

This photo is very important because it shows that the fireplace is actually connected to the living room and dining room, something that I never knew about the house. People say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but in this case it is definitely the fireplace.

We’re big fans of their big maple table. There is a new restaurant on Palmerston and College called Woodlot, and the best seat in the house is sitting at the big maple live edge communal table next to the big oven with a roaring fire going. If you haven’t already eaten there, you need to check it out!

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Hej! Denmark

December 2nd, 2010

It’s December, and while there are plenty of shops with elaborate holiday themed windows, ours is either beautiful in its simplicity, or scary to holiday shoppers. We’ve had the Spanish chair on feature, designed by Borge Mogensen, and produced in Denmark by Fredericia.

In a recent sample package from Fredericia, we also got some extra presents! Japan has a huge market for Scandinavian goods, almost as much as Scandinavia itself, so it was fun to get a couple of travel magazines catered to the Japanese.


There was also a book about Borge Mogensen in Japanese, with photos of his home. Check out how amazing the sofa and Spanish chair look after half a century of wear.

Next time I’m in Copenhagen, I need to sit in a Shell Chair.

We also have some inventory news! We received a bunch of brushes and brush racks from Sweden!

Everything from shoe brushes, to goat hair face brushes, to mushroom brushes. I think it’s time to visit Mjolk.

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Travel Essentials: winter

December 1st, 2010

It’s been a little while since we last did a post, the winter holidays are on their way and we’ve been busy at the store. The past few days have been really exciting, and we have a couple of things to announce. One is that we are nearing our 1 year anniversary at the store (December 15th), the other is that we’ve narrowed down a date for the wedding, which is going to be January 23rd. The last bit of news is where we plan to have our Honeymoon.

We’re going to Hokkaido, Japan!

To mark the occasion, I’ve come up with some things I’ll need to bring for the trip:

Starting from the left:

1 – Icelandic wool hat ($90 at mjolk).
2 – Wool socks.
3 – D&Department guide to Hokkaido (a gift from Masanori Oji, I knew it would come in handy one day!).
4 – Tin cup set, travel size ($150 at mjolk).
5 – Monocle Issue with a couple of pages featuring ski town Niseko.
6 – New winter boots.
7 – Inventory magazine issues 1, 2, and 3.
8 – Cherry wood shoe horn ($70 at mjolk).
9 – Canvas and leather boot bag.

My new boots are by an American company called Yuketen. When I first read about them in the first issue of Vancouver based magazine Inventory, I immediately connected with the artisan production of their heritage style boots. The founder of Yuketen, designer Yuki Matsuda, recently did an interesting collaboration with Canada Goose jackets, you can check it out by following this link.

If you’re wondering, I picked the boots up at a store called Lavish and Squalor.

As a special bonus, I made some sugar cookies using Nikole Herriot‘s cloud cookie cutter. They aren’t as beautiful, but they are delicious.

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