Store Watch: Twice Found

January 26th, 2009

We’re watching Mirvish Village treasure: Twice Found (608 Markham St. 416.534.3904) owned by mid-century aficionados Holly Gnaedinger & Marie Lyons-Cooper.


Who are you?
Twice Found vintage modern shop in Mirvish Village owned by long time hunter-gathers aka collectors, and friends, Holly Gnaedinger and Marie Lyons Cooper.


How long has the store been open?
Just over 2 years in this location.


Why did you open your store?
It was time to share what we knew, what we had and what we love to hunt for.


What can people expect to find when visiting your store?
A warm welcome, loads of information on what we carry which includes 20th century Canadian and international ceramics/pottery, glass, lighting, tableware, some furniture, Asian art and vintage jewellery. We love the juxtaposition of Danish teak with Chinese cinnabar.


Who are your customers?
They range from collectors to lovers of all things mid-century, vintage and retro.We are known for our large selections of vintage jewellery(including Canadians Sherman, Raphael and Jay-flex) and Canadian pottery.


Favourite moment while running your store?
Marie’s favourite was the visit from a vintage jewellery club from Dundas, Ontario when they had a fabulous time sharing stories.
Holly’s favourite was a young boy of about 10 who was Christmas shopping with his Dad for his mother and sister. As a family they had decided to shop local and recycled and the boy chose absolutely amazing pieces of jewellery and pottery


Worst or most Embarrassing moment?
When we first moved in we had to fill and sand at least 400 nail holes left by the previous occupant.


Is there an item you regret selling?
Marie: a fantastic early Boucher brooch
Holly: a Russel Wright Iroquois Casual original covered casserole in sugar white–it was sublime.


Name something  you sell in your store, that you also own in your own home?
Marie: Asian art and antiques and Canadian pottery
Holly:: Beauceware from the late 60’s and 70’s & other modernist pieces of Canadian pottery (lamps & tableware).


What are you really interested in right now?
Marie: mid-century Japanese lacquer ware and pottery
Holly: post-war Czech glass, 70’s copper enamel from Quebec, Canadian design

“Good design is immortal”

The combination in the photo above of chinese antiques mixed together with mid century Blue Mountain pottery is the reason why Holly and Marie’s Twice Found store front is so successful – they just work so well together. Holly and Marie started selling their collections at the “Toronto Antique Center” only to find themselves feeling a little like the “odd ones out”, so they struck out on their own, opening a store in the heart of Mirvish Village where it finally felt like they were home. The great thing about Twice Found is just how knowledgeable Holly and Marie are about their pieces and how far they will go to bring you the best quality objects they find. “We rarely put a piece out unless we know the background about it.” Holly actually admitted to walking away from Estate sales even if there were some great pieces just because it didn’t feel quite right.

When you walk into Twice Found, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful objects, including: a massive mid-century jewelry collection, Japanese housewares, Chinese antiquities, Canadian pottery, mid-century modern pieces, furniture, glassware, artwork and so on. There is always something new – to look at or to talk about, and Marie and Holly are always generous with their time and energy.

Twice Found
608 Markham Street
Toronto, ON M6G 2L8
(416) 534-3904

Store Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm-6pm
(days and hours can change over time. These are up to date as of July 2009. Always best to call or check their website for the most recent info.)

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