Arne’s Danish Cottage

July 30th, 2009

Recently we became acquainted with Arne, a Dane living in Canada. I forget where he said his cottage is, but suffice it to say it doesn’t matter–it’s up north, it’s gorgeous and we are jealous of its lack of annoying neighbors.


This combination of rocks, water and evergreen trees reminds us of the boat rides we took in the Scandinavian fjords.


Arne had all of the windows made in Denmark and shipped over to get that authentic look, as well as the quality of Danish handiwork.


What a great bookcase that doubles as a room divider (or so it looks in the photo). That plus the wood paneling and slate tiles makes for a harmonious natural space.


From the deck it must feel like they are right on top of the water. And check out that extensive view from multiple angles!

I think we should have a cottage swap sometime….

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