Shop update

March 20th, 2011

It’s Sunday afternoon, and it’s another beautiful day in Toronto. The morning light was so nice we thought this was the perfect chance to share a few new items we have in the store.

The “Kuksa” cups from Finland are back in stock in three styles. They are hand carved from arctic birch burl and each come with a beautiful reindeer leather tie ($65 / $75 / $85).

The silhouette flower vase on the right is designed by Y. Tokuda and is made in Japan ($79). It’s so nice to have a bit of spring in the shop!

This is a good opportunity to let you know we are extending our 5% donation program to include all products from Japan (10% for Oji/Ono products).

We also are now carrying the Scandia collection by Hans Brattrud (1957). They are extremely comfortable and even more beautiful in person. The Scandia chairs have only recently been put back into production with the help of Fjord Fiesta–there was a terrible factory fire 40 years ago that ceased all production of these beautiful chairs. Hans Brattrud is still alive today and was a big part in getting the chairs back to the same standard and specifications of the original pieces.

The shelves are stacked with some pretty beautiful things right now!

You should definitely find time to visit the Junction this summer, now that the sun is out there is a new energy here, new shops opening up, and in June (hopefully) we will even have a new microbrewery and restaurant.

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