With a little help from my friends

March 14th, 2011

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has left comments and tweets inquiring about our Japanese friends–they are all safe and sound and outside of the main earthquake/tsunami zones. As you know, we were just in Japan and met so many wonderful people and enjoyed so much hospitality, that it is impossible to fathom how an entire area of homes, families, and people, have been wiped out. Where does one begin to pick up the pieces?

It’s taken us awhile to respond to the devastation in Japan because we weren’t sure of how we could help.

We’d like to announce that our friends at IFJ Holdings are beginning a donation program. 5% of sales on all Oji Masanori and Rina Ono products will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. Mjölk will be matching this amount.

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