Do Dundas

February 1st, 2011

Last Friday we visited Dundas St West to see “Do Dundas”. The neighborhood banded together for a fringe installation which featured design works in 29 local shops, restaurants, and cafes between Markham and Grace.

We stopped at Bookhou to see the show “Capacity.”

Maker Sofa by Michelle Ivankovic

A green velvet sofa made from exercise balls was quite striking.

Hydrological Map of Canada by Joy Charbonneau

Nest by Kirsten White

The Universe Will Not Be Typeset by Ayla Newhouse

Now I know my ABC’s by Nathalie Nahas (left)

LIAM mailbox by Maiwenn Castellan (right)

Lodestar by Erin McCutcheon

Detachment Series (capacity) by Arounna Khiunnoraj

I heart U Lamp by Ange-line Tetrault

Aster* Bowls by Kirsten White

The next place we stopped by was MADE for “MADE AT HOME”, an exhibition of new Canadian design, located in the apartment right above the MADE shop.

Your first instinct is to head into the bright kitchen. The table is by Dylan McKinnon, chairs by Anneke Van Bommel and Cameron Maclean, and Felt objects by Felt Studio (Kathryn Walter).

Bottle light by Brothers Dressler

Stack of Plates (lamp) by Annie Tung & Brad Turner

The Hunter get captured by the Game
by Grant Heaps & John Webster

The next room was the living room with a sofa by 608 design, coffee table by Jason Wheeler, Chandelier by Periphere, and Gemstone rug by Bev Hisey.

These Felt ottomans are design by Yvonne Ip.

The office space has a table console by AHDI,  upholstered stool by Melanie Zanker & Angie To, pendant light by Shana Anderson, and Sky Condition blinds by Angela Iarocci.

Walnut plywood Tamitik (chair) by Connie Chisholm Studio

The last room is the bedroom with a large wall hung carpet called “Habitat” by Katherine Morley.

Kerry Croghan designed the bed cover and cushions, and the light sculpture is by Elsworthy Wang.

I would definitely recommend seeing these two exhibitions in person if you have the time (Capacity is on until February 6th and Made at Home is on until February 12th). There are a lot of great designs that you really need to see in person to really appreciate.

We stopped for a bite at Porchetta & Co.

I had the Porchetta sandwich with truffle sauce and a side of rapini.

The sandwich was delicious with a perfect blend of crunchy skin and ample meat. The rapini was the perfect side with onions, garlic and a little bit of chili flakes.

Juli had the same thing as me, except she opted for mushrooms and mozzarella instead of truffle sauce.

The last stop of the day was the Harbourfront Centre to see an installation by Studio Junction. SJ was asked to address Mid Block residences.

The structure is made from birch plywood, and features back lit walls made from folded paper. A pixelated effect occurs when people are in the light box.

The entrance is a small little opening leading you to a sitting bench.

The diffused light comes from the top of the structure and gets distributed throughout of the interior. Peter says, no pictures please!

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