Office Space: It’s all coming together

August 26th, 2010

One of the best things in life has got to be those moments when you just stand back and give yourself a high five for accomplishing something.

That’s how we felt today.

Last night (even though it was the last thing we felt like doing) we took a trip to Home Depot to pick up some 10″ pine baseboards. We don’t have any tools in our apartment, so we went the easy route and got it all cut at Home Depot. I got to painting the base boards right away to let them dry over night.

Please note how terrible the room looks without baseboards before appreciating the after photos.

We installed the baseboards, and we’re slowly starting to add furniture.

We’re really happy that the messy office renovation is DONE! Now it’s all about making it organized and livable, adding things in slowly, and creating an efficient place to work.

You can already see the pile of papers collecting against the wall to the right. That’s because we haven’t found a nice filing cabinet! Does anyone know any good ones out there?

We’ve got some cool new desk accessories, and a shelving unit to come.
So make sure to check back!

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