We want: white slatted ceilings

June 8th, 2010

One thing I just can’t stand about our apartment is the popcorn ceiling! I would much prefer the white slatted ceilings found in many Swedish summer homes.

One of our favorite chairs is the white Lamino lounge chair upholstered in white sheepskin, we have one here at the store!

What a beautiful carpet on the wide plank pine floors.

Old plastered walls, white ceiling and bright window.

This home has some exposed beams happening.

I wonder if it looks just as good with high ceilings?

These lucky people! Most of the homes in this post came with white slatted ceilings. I don’t even want to think about the cost to do it in our apartment even with thin pine slats… We do wonder what would happen if we took down the ceiling dry wall and exposed all the wood and sprayed it white, but that’s not a project that will happen anytime soon!

All photos via My Scandinavian Retreat.

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