June 5th, 2010

Yesterday morning we received a mystery package…

We finally received our iPad! The most appropriate word to describe my excitement would be “giddy”. I’m not really a gadget guy, but I’m a really big fan of Johnathan Ive and I’m intrigued to see how I react to the iPad’s minimalist interface.

(Our iPad is dressed in ubiquitous gingham for summer)

So why did we really buy an iPad?

Well… We really wanted to have the iPad in the mjölk shop so we could show customers large beautiful images of our products along with inspirational photos of the pieces being used in a space. I’ve actually been using it on the floor to see peoples reactions to it. I know it’s a bit gimmicky but it’s been handy having a calculator with me so I can write up quotes on the spot with the customer.

There’s something to be said about being current and relevant.

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