At the cottage with Isha

June 1st, 2010

Sunday night we were excited to head up north again. Now that Isha doesn’t have her brother to keep her company we decided to bring her with us! She was a very good girl the ride up and didn’t talk to much, I think she could tell by our body language that she wasn’t going to the vet. She quickly decided that the safari chair was hers to claim.

During our stay we stopped by a local antique market and picked up a vintage milk bottle with heart motifs. It reminds us of the enamel Kaj Franck bowls we have with the same heart motif.

I got around to installing the red Arne Jacobsen wall mounted bathroom fixtures. It’s hard to find toothbrushes that fit, since everything is so inflated these days – incidentally, these toothbrushes are made out of recycled yogurt cups and can be purchased at The Sweet Potato in the Junction. The soap holder on the right is a magnet and the soap has a bottle cap embedded into it. They’re very nautical and match the mirror perfectly.

We still need to find someone to install the Malm fireplace we got last year. those are all bags of cement sitting in it.

We also put up a broom and dustpan designed by Oji Masanori. We got to put it to use cleaning up some cat food, it worked great!

While we were hanging outside on the deck Isha would put her face to the screen and meow at us so we decided we would give her a chance (“this is your chance Isha, now don’t blow it”) and let her out onto the deck. The deck itself is gated and there weren’t that many possibilities for escape, but boy was she curious about the outside world. The best moment was when a moth flew by and she frolicked after it (not above, that is a leaf). Big paws strikes again!

And as always, our cat matches our style. Unfortunately for the white sofa.

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