Aukarky by Studio Formfantasma

May 13th, 2010

“Autarky” by Studio Formafantasma is a line of objects made from flour. Well mostly flour… The composition of the collection is 70% flour, 20% agricultural waste, and 10% natural limestone. “Autarky” promotes a self-sufficient way of producing goods and “outlines a hypothetical scenario where a community is embracing a serene and self inflicted embargo where nature is personally cultivated, harvested and processed, to feed and make tools to serve human necessities.”

The differences in colour are obtained by the selection of distinct vegetables, spices, and roots that are dried, boiled or filtered for their natural dyes. Egg yolk is then used to add a bright detail to the dry surface of the bowls. Studio Formafantasma even worked in cooperation with a chemist studio to rediscover old natural techniques used in the Renaissance to lacquer and make the surface of the objects waterproof.

What a beautiful and inspiring collection.

Via Yatzer

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