Last day in Tokyo

April 26th, 2010

So this is the last post of our trip to Japan (besides our show and tell)! The next day we would become time travelers, leaving Monday afternoon and arriving in Toronto late Monday afternoon 14 hours later, did we just blow your mind?! Anyway the day before we set off to find the Japanese Folk art museum. It was highly recommended to us by Yumiko from Fog Linen. We walked from our hotel and opted to take the scenic route through the neighborhoods, where we found some very beautiful modern homes.

We also passed a university with a cool glass classroom.

Here is the front of the Japanese folk art museum, which is actually the home where Sori Yanagi grew up. His father was a collector of antique pottery and the home was later transformed into a gallery displaying pieces from Yanagi’s personal collection. It also has an amazing gift shop. The museum was beautiful and we wish we could have taken some pictures of the interior to share with you.

There was a big pot with coy fish in the front yard.

Of course we had to do some last minute shopping before we left so on our way to meet with Liza and Henry for lunch we stopped off at Spiral again and on the first floor we were surprised to discover an interesting pop-up shop (this was perplexing because not even a week before it was a shop selling lovely women’s clothing, that Juli was actually interested in having another look at).

The store was called Petit_Ami, and was filled with beautiful handmade leather purses and accessories. We’ll have to have a little show and tell in the next post to show you what Juli ended up getting!

Isn’t that a ridiculously big bag?! They were really cute and asked if we would take a photo with them. Since Juli was the one with the camera, I ended up holding the large purse. Awkward!

From what we could gather from the limited English-Japanese exchange, the women working in the shop were also the designers of the collection. They took our photo and we took theirs.

We met up with our friends Liza and Henry at Aquavit, a very fancy Scandinavian restaurant. Lucky for us their lunch prices weren’t so bad.

The interior had an interesting mix of Japanese and Scandinavian influence, just how we like it.

We also found out where all the Dansk pepper mills have gone… they’re all in Japan!

Every single table had its very own. GAH! Unbelievable.

Not only was there a pepper mill on each table, they also used Jens Quistgaard trays for bread.

The starter: our favourite – pickled herring!

And the big finale: Swedish meatballs! Just thinking about them makes us salivate.

The next day we got on a train and headed to the airport. Before we left we stopped at the market and picked up some Maisen pork sandwiches that Wataru first introduced us to (we later realized that the restaurant is mentioned in the Tokyo Wallpaper city guide, but you can buy these little boxes of them from the food halls in department stores). They are a little piece of heaven and helped us through the terrible airplane food we were about to be fed…oh I miss these!

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  1. Oh, looks like a terrific trip guys. I hope you got a bit of business in while you were over there.

    Aside: I bought that very Jens Quistgaard tray at a contents sale on Dupont near us in the winter. There was a nice wood and glass hutch there too, but by the time I went back with cash in hand, it was gone—:( O bittersweet tray!

    Hope you’re well. We might come by to steal some more laminate if you’ve still got it.

    Adam Gorley

    27 Apr 10 at 12:04 pm

  2. Nice… My folks have that dansk peppermill (top right)
    They have another one as well..


    28 Apr 10 at 7:52 am

  3. I just noticed the Alvar Aalto Vases on the tables..
    Why aren’t there places like this in Toronto?..


    28 Apr 10 at 10:57 am

  4. I love the modern homes on your walk to the museum. Japanese people do pot gardens so well. I want to look into them more, see if we can do them in Canada, as I think gardens in pots is all I can do right now.
    And that bag! hilarious!


    28 Apr 10 at 10:49 pm

  5. […] a new purse and a new wallet. Check and check. She got her beautiful leather bag from the Petit_Ami pop-up shop. It’s a beautiful blend of canvas and buttery leather, with a hint of pink suede on the back. […]

  6. So many beautiful spaces and places in Japan! I want to plan a trip! Great pictures.

  7. oh my now i want to go back even more
    * _ * sigh


    3 Jun 10 at 5:50 am

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