April 22nd, 2010

On our second last day in Tokyo we visited Roppongi Midtown. Home to some of the best design shops in Tokyo including the Muji Concept store.

Of course Muji has to carry the most psychedelic lego sets we’ve ever seen. We should have totally grabbed one!

It was nice to see the Thonet inspired chair and table by Naoto Fukasawa.

There’s a beautiful window on the second floor peering out to a park.

The beautiful Saya store. Designed by Makoto Koizumi, it has a beautiful collection of designs from Koizumi, Sori Yanagi, Rikki Watanabe and Oji Masanori.

On our way to meet Wataru and Tatsuya for dinner we found “Canadian Spirits”. It was filled with maple syrup, Karim Rashid Umbra garbage cans and dream catchers. I wonder how Scandinavians feel when they visit our shop…

Wataru and his designer friend Tatsuya Maemura invited us over to his house for some Japanese soul food. They just kept calling it Japanese pizza, but we had our suspicions.

We walked down a beautiful cherry blossom lined and lantern lit street to get to Tatsuya’s home.

Wataru and Tatsuya got right to work.

the Japanese pizza started to resemble pancakes, the batter was made from grated sticky potato and cabbage.

Then you need to fry some pork and cover the potato pancake.

Crack an egg on the side. Then comes the tricky part…

flip the pancake over the egg.

Then add some Tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise.

Finally sprinkle some fish flakes and seaweed and serve up some kind of delicious.

There’s something really nice about cooking and eating at the same table, it keeps everyone together and makes for good conversation.  And after eating a ridiculous amount of pancakes, they brought out some noodles.

After dinner Wataru got a call from his brother who needed a hand catching a mouse, kind of a surreal request but it made for a cool photograph of Tatsuya on a vintage Honda motorcycle. Spoiler alert *** the mouse was caught.

We ended our visit with a night cap at a street bar, where you can order drinks at the window and socialize in the street.

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