Let the epic eating begin.

April 6th, 2010

We met up with an old friend for dinner. I first met Liza while in Stockholm about three or four years ago and then she came to visit in Toronto to do an interview for English teaching in Japan. I have been meaning to visit since.

Liza and Henry brought us to a terrific seafood restaurant, Kaikaya (make a reservation!). Thankfully they just ordered some sort of 10 course meal deal that we all shared.

Henry had to grate the wasabi.

Fall off the bone tuna.

Not the last time we will encounter fish heads for consumption.

A steaming pile of mushrooms.

Cherry Blossom ice cream.

Carnage. And this series of photos was even missing a plate.

It’s not an evening out without a drink and a view of the Tokyo skyline.

And of course some crazy fun time photos. I need to buy myself one of these machines, because it’s the only way to get a photogenic picture out of me.

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