Meetings, cherry blossoms and malt whiskey.

April 3rd, 2010

Our first appointment on our trip was at Makoto Koizumi’s studio, located about 40 minutes outside of Shibuya. We already carry a few of Koizumi’s designs including a set of enamel cooking pots, and a wooden Daruma Otoshi. We wanted to visit and see the rest of his designs first hand.

The studio’s hallway is clad with cedar and you had to stoop to walk through it.

We were served tea on fabric coasters made from antique Japanese denim.

We also had to take our shoes off when we entered the studio, but there were two pairs of leather slippers waiting for us.

Chairs, table and wooden objects on the table all designed by Koizumi. He also has a collection of ceramic antique lights like the one pictured – it’s on a pulley system so you can bring it closer to the table if needed.

We really loved this set of wooden chopstick rests. All the little pieces fit into the container in clever ways.

We left the studio and walked along the boulevard lined with cherry blossoms as far as the eye could see.

Juli purchased an antique Kimono type shirt for only 8 bucks! We joked and said that it was probably XL and too big for everyone there so the price was drastically reduced.

Our next meeting was at the Maruni showroom.

We got to see and sit on the brand new Naoto Fukasawa dining chair, which will be available for purchase very soon!

We also got to see a new product from Nendo. A magnetic shoehorn.

We made an order for the Hiroshima sofa and credenza a while back and it should be arriving about the same time as our arrival back to Toronto.

We got a recommendation to go to a Japanese malt bar near Omote-sando station.

All the tables were live edge walnut and the chairs were very Nakashima inspired.

Rare beef.

Mushroom and crab salad.

Simmered seafood.

Crab in butter rice.

And of course, garlic frites.

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