Tokyo a go go!

April 1st, 2010

It’s taken us a few days to acclimatize to the change in time. Our flight was good (I watched like 5 movies and am now a fan of Glee), and it was super easy getting to Shibuya station from the airport. Hindsvik recommended the Shibuya Granbell Hotel which turned out to be a perfect choice, being so close to Shibuya station, as well as in the centre of everything. Plus the neighborhood has a lot of cute places to eat, though finding an English menu, or one that isn’t purely in Japanese script is nearly impossible, making eating a bit of a stressful endeavor. Bonus: our little neck of the woods has a lovely bunch of cherry blossom trees around, which they light up with spotlights at night.

We got the Juli sightings out of the way pretty quickly at Loft.

Never gets old…

Shibuya Scramble 1.

Shibuya Scramble 2.

All dolled up.

On our first full day we wandered around the streets of Shibuya (noisy!), met my friend Liza for lunch at Frames, and then wandered around the Daikanyama neighborhood looking for a couple of shops that we didn’t find until we stopped looking. In the photos above, just a couple of cool spaces, the one on the left being for rent (what a nice shop that would be!).

This post is basically to tell you all that we made it safe and sound and the next post has a few design treats!

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