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March 17th, 2010

Well it’s the middle of March and winter seems to be completely over around here. There really wasn’t much snow all winter, which was good for me because I wasn’t too excited to wake up early and shovel the sidewalk before someone slipped and broke their neck in front of the store. The lack of snow is pushing my parents to look to the great north in search of a winter wonderland to let them snowmobile until their heart’s content. Prefab cabins came up and I’m doing my best to persuade them to a modern prefab from Form & Forest.

I’m really in love with the Settler (above 2 photos)

The Settler 992 sq feet – Cabin kit price $86,900

Lookout – There are a multitude of vantage points to capture the wealth of life that exists both inside and outside the cabin walls.  From the glimpses into the courtyard from the second floor windows or the sweeping views from the glass fronted living area there is a lot to look forward to and look at every weekend

Lookout 1559 sq feet on 2 floors – Cabin kit price $99,900

Cowboy – Outfitted with a massive deck, interior courtyard, master bedroom and a bathtub with a view to the stars the Cowboy is perfect for a couple or small family.

Cowboy – 635 sq feet – Cabin kit price $68,000

A look inside the Cowboys interior, complete with open bathtub to a little courtyard garden.

If you get the chance, you should definitely check out the rest of the prefabs at Form & Forest!

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