New Website!

March 13th, 2010

Ok, so you’ve probably noticed over the last few days the beta testing for our new site. There’s no surprising you.

A slicker look and hey! Easy navigation is back! Some important links along the top so you can catch up on our travel, renos and neighborhood, and the archives are all working again as well. Also, quick links to the mjölk shop and news. Yay navigation!

A little background on the design. When we were first picking a name for the blog (so hard!), we loved the sentence from a William Kurelek book, that read “Kitka and the swallows”. Kitka means cat in Ukrainian. When it came time to pick a name for the store, John suggested mjölk, meaning milk in Swedish and coincidentally complimentary to Kitka. Thus the cat and milk drawing.

The redesign was done by Sali Tabacchi. Thanks guys!

There is one thing you can help us with. It’s still in beta testing mode, so please, if you are finding glitches or think that weird things are happening, please let us know what type of browser you are using and what the problems are. Most appreciated!

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