Valentine’s Bounty

February 15th, 2010

We don’t normally exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, but since we totally bypassed Christmas this year and have been on the thrifting downlow, it was about time we picked up a few new goodies.

Juli got John:


A Hadeland glass whale, hand signed and made in Norway to join our Hadeland viking.



We have always coveted Nils Thorsson and Martin from Rogue Gallery always has a great selection. Except that now that we have decided to actively collect it, he no longer has any pieces! BAH! I picked this one up at Twice Found.


The other side.

John got Juli:


My first piece of modernist jewelry! John found this piece at Modernity. Designed by Hans Hansen for Georg Jensen, in the 1950s. I am not a jewelry gal, but I love this ring. I see more modern jewelry in my future, yes indeed.


The silver is a little scratched up, but I find it adds to the appeal. Besides, I am notoriously clumsy so I feel much better knowing it’s already broken in.

So to all of you lovers out there, happy belated valentine’s day, and to all those who have yet to find their love, all journeys lead to it, if you keep along the path (just remember to look in the most unlikeliest of places).

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