Kitchen: painted!

January 28th, 2010

new kitchen - grey-7

Well now seems likes a good time to lighten the mood a little. We did paint the kitchen last week but it took a long time to get it nice and clean after a few weeks of mess. Ideally, we would love to rip out all the cabinets, counter top and floor and replace the ugly bulky appliances but it doesn’t seem prudent when we will be making big changes over the next 2 years. So we’ve decided to just live with it (I cringe just saying it) and instead make those little changes through lighting (changed out the ugly UFO Home Depot light for the vintage snowball-inspired fixture we got awhile back, and added an under counter light for above the sink), a bit of paint, and new nobs. Makes a big difference!

new kitchen - grey-1

new kitchen - grey-6

Bagel trivets by Oji Masanori, they look so good all three in a row.

new kitchen - grey-2

Kerstin Boulogner’s Surt sa raven tea towel, you can’t go wrong with olives and foxes!

new kitchen - grey-3

As a house warming gift a family friend gave us these great vintage Norwegian plaques that we now have above our sink.
new kitchen - grey-5

new kitchen - grey-4

new kitchen - grey-13

The one thing we did was install new hardware on all the cabinets, they are much cleaner looking now.

new kitchen - grey-12

We found a few of these Aarikka tins which we actually are selling at the store, we kept one aside for ourselves.

new kitchen - grey-15

Immediately we could see what kind of a difference the grey makes. Instantly calming.

new kitchen - grey-20

This is what it looked like when we moved in.

new kitchen - grey-20 new kitchen - grey-7


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