IDS10 Prototypes & Studio North

January 25th, 2010

It was the Interior Design Show over the weekend, so if you didn’t get the chance to check it out, we’ve covered some of the highlights!

This year, the Prototypes were very diverse, each offering glimpses of what’s to come in new Canadian design.

Toronto IDS10-8

Science and sons gave us our favorite design of the evening: “Radio Canada” a radio with only 2 stations, CBC radio 1 & 2. It was just one of those things that we saw and desperately wanted.

Toronto IDS10-9

Toronto IDS10-1

Bounce lounge by Sidney Molepo

Toronto IDS10-2

Fracture, a modular table by Tychotic design

Toronto IDS10-3

We loved the tapered maple legs, and notes of colour among the salvaged plywood top

Toronto IDS10-4

Trays by Emil Ragusila, an interesting interpretation of corian, which can be cut and sanded like real wood.

Toronto IDS10-5

Toronto IDS10-6

Toboggin, by Devin Schaffner

Toronto IDS10-7

Karst stools, by Kevin Karst Designs

Toronto IDS10-10

Portico portable patio system, by Carmen Yatscoff

Toronto IDS10-11

Everro by Andrea Leitner

Toronto IDS10-12

NXL chair by Obill design

Toronto IDS10-13

Shallmar by Jean Willoughby

Toronto IDS10-14

Softwall, (made from used newspapers and felt) by Breathe architects

Toronto IDS10-15

Viceroy designed by Human Republic

Toronto IDS10-16

Masquerade designed by Human Republic

Toronto IDS10-17

The Practice of Everyday Design gave us a wonderful look into how creative CNC technology can be with their white lacquered Stalac coffee table.

Toronto IDS10-18

Modular seating system by Ian Vanderberg design

Toronto IDS10-19

LED chandelier by Group Two Design INC, unfortunately it wasn’t on during the show…

Toronto IDS10-20

Mahabali mats by Christina Covello designs

A sampling of the Studio North section below:

Toronto IDS10-24

Shawn Place gave us three chairs to drool over.

Toronto IDS10-21

We loved the cane body and counter weighted leather neck rest on this Lounge chair.

Toronto IDS10-22

The Wegneresque hand woven rocking chair was as beautiful as it was comfortable.

Toronto IDS10-23

And finally Shawn’s interesting three legged white oak dining chair.

Toronto IDS10-25

Colourful mortar and pestles from Tahir Mahmood.

Toronto IDS10-26

We just had to include SMASH’s drawer booth!

Toronto IDS10-27

Felt products from Finland’s Verso design

Toronto IDS10-28

We loved these beautiful plywood pendant lights from Secto design

Toronto IDS10-29

The Brothers Dresslers gave us a unique spin on the classic school chair with their blend of wood, felt and metal.

Toronto IDS10-30

We loved the stack-ability of this honeycomb inspired design by Balance Glassworks.

Toronto IDS10-31

Two Toques design gave us simple bedside tables.

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