Bedroom redux

January 15th, 2010

Tonight, being Friday and all, we fancied things up a bit by heading over to The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder to try their wood smoked BBQ before settling in at home to get our bedroom in order. I mention this only because we recommend you give it a try if you are craving amazing BBQ and fries (and for the moms, we accompanied our dinner with an order of brussel sprouts…with bacon).

We spent the last few nights sleeping on the floor in the living room and falling a sleep to the television to distract us from the noisy street. To be honest somehow it was some of the best sleeping we’ve had at this place. After all the painting all one really wants to do is see the fruits of their labour so we spent the last hour getting the bedroom tidy and put together, and we just couldn’t wait until Monday to share it with you.

newbedroom (1 of 7)

Simple. We refuse to bring anything back into the bedroom which means the rest of the apartment is a disaster. We are calling this our oasis room.

newbedroom (2 of 7)

Eero Aarnio baby rocket stool and clock by Riki Watanabe.

newbedroom (3 of 7)

Isamu Noguchi beehive inspired light, pillaged from the cottage. I love his little legs.

newbedroom (4 of 7)

Le Klint accordion light – a favourite classic of ours.

newbedroom (5 of 7)

We were having a trouble finding a spot for this Joshua Jensen-Nagle piece in the apartment, but with the open space in the bedroom we can now enjoy it.

newbedroom (6 of 7)

newbedroom (7 of 7)

Grover snuggled right back into bed as soon as we set up. Poor little guy is sick…

You can find the rocket stool, clock, Le Klint and Crux blanket at mjolk.

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