Know any Scandinavian art photographers?

January 6th, 2010

So we have signed up to be a venue for the Contact Photography Festival this spring. We would ideally like to feature work by a Scandinavian artist (this includes: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland), whose work reflects the look/feel/mood of the Nordic countries.

And did I mention I am working on a tight deadline? Like January 13th, I need to have someone registered if we want to be in the catalog.

I am having a big problem with searching for Scandinavian photographers. Reasons being: 1) everyone and anyone is a “photographer”, 2) language barrier is making searching google tough, 3) artists often don’t have websites!

So, to all our Scandinavian friends out there (and to anyone else who might have a lead), we are looking for a Scandinavian art photographer that is preferably emerging or established, though students could be considered.

Oh, and if you simply know of someone who is inspired by Scandinavia, or has that sort of sensibility in their work, and they are not from Scandinavia, throw it out there too – the more to choose from the better!

Feel free to throw some names out there (in the comments section) – websites or contact info for the artist would be most appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

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