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December 29th, 2009


We currently have a fairly large bedroom set, which isn’t exactly working out in our new space (it’s for sale incidentally…posted on Craigslist). Now we are inspired by the simplicity of a single mattress on legs–no headboard, no matching side tables, no problem. We actually did this for the cottage, using IKEA box springs with legs and a foam topper. We’d like something similar but want to invest more in quality, as it will be used nightly for a very long time!

We recently read in Style at Home about how beds are the leaders of off gassing in the home so we are definitely searching for alternatives. So far our experience has been Sealy/Serta brands, but I highly doubt they are the most eco friendly. Mattresses are not fun purchases but they certainly are important!

We’ve started our search with Hastens as we had a solid week experience at our Stockholm hotel back in June. However, after reading countless reviews (on Apartment Therapy) about issues with horse hair and what not we wanted to find something a bit more safe.


We found out about another Swedish company called Carpe Diem which was started by a chiropractor who felt he could make some improvements to his Hastens bed. I still have no clue what the prices are like but we really liked the simplicity of this model. Hopefully the showroom here has one on the floor we can try out.


If all else fails, I would be happy with a well made Japanese futon like this mat designed by Matali Crasset called “When Jim went to Paris”. I don’t know if there is a place in Toronto to get a well made futon…

Any mattress recommendations???

On to the fun stuff! The actual design…

Picture 5

We really love the idea of these baby rocket stools by Eero Aarnio being used as bedside tables.

baby rocket stool


The pill carafe by Charlotte Hargreave would be the perfect companion.


We were really inspired by this beautiful wardrobe, but we need a temporary solution for now…


Maybe a pair of these snow cabinets?

Picture 6

And black and white loop stand wardrobes for our clothes.


via Remodelista

A black blind for the weird awkward window in our room? Better than the dusty mini-blinds currently holding court.

Still thinking….

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