Sometimes you just have to ask…

December 22nd, 2009

Busy days here in the shop, so I am going to pass it over to Daniel Springer with a late summer find (and winter project)!


In the summer I was walking near the corner of Coxwell and Upper Gerrard when I spotted these bowling alley sectionals on someone’s front porch. I saw what the were and thought they were pretty cool and walked away thinking they were just neat… about 2 blocks away I stopped and went back and asked if they were for sale. The woman who answered said they had just moved in and those were in the basement and I could have them if I wanted… what luck. With a  little help from my girlfriend we carried them back to my house one section at a time.

A little cleaning and some planned hardware restoration this winter they should be the showpiece of the back yard.


If you have any Toronto stories to share, or renovations to reveal, we would love to see them!

Just send them to info{at}kitkadesigntoronto{.com}.

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