mjölk showroom

December 17th, 2009

mjolk shop front-3

Well the first half our our store is finished and looking great!

mjolk shop front-1

Our window vinyl is finally up!

mjolk shop front-2

As is the sign. It was actually supposed to be just the lettering but it didn’t work out. Looks good anyway. Notice the spikes of death above, for the pigeons. A bit distracting but it keeps things cleaner.

mjolk shop front-5

We actually only have half our our showroom renovated, we’ll have the back half for furniture!

mjolk shop front-6

mjolk shop front-17

The Thomas Sandell Chairs have beautiful birch socks.

mjolk shop front-8

mjolk shop front-15

mjolk shop front-22

Kids area. A section that is a lot of fun to curate. We’ve even had our first 2-year old tantrum over the Playsam car–she got it all out of her system and took an interest in some more affordable wooden toys which are equally amazing.

mjolk shop front-28

mjolk shop front-23

Swedish textiles.

mjolk shop front-24

Pia Wallen cat bed.

desk area-1

A shot of the curve wall feature, made from wood shop off cuts.

mjolk shop front-29

The store at night has a really nice inviting glow.

mjolk shop front-30

Here’s our birch bark accent wall (made from real birch bark!)

mjolk shop front-36

mjolk shop front-34

mjolk shop front-37

You can see the little door at the back that leads to the rest of the showroom, hopefully we’ll have the rest open at the beginning of the new year!

desk area-1

Our main desk area.

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