mjölk day one!

December 16th, 2009

First off, thank you to all the well wishers, and kitka readers/curious neighbors who stopped by today. We had an exhausting but exhilarating first day, that solidified further our goals and mission with mjölk. We are so happy with all the positive interactions we had throughout the course of the day. Imagine that, people actually do want to talk about design, with enthusiasm! It’s awesome!

A big thank you to Studio Junction, Joe, Dimitri, Jaro, Thomas, Ben for putting in hours beyond reason to help us open up on the 15th. You are all such amazing hard workers and put in a lot of energy to pull this off. A big thank you to our friend Hollie, who came over last night to help us set up. A big thank you to Lindsey of Lindsey Bakes, for making the best mjölk cookies:


I spy a Pia Wallén ballet slipper, an Oji Masanori wooden mug, a Pia Wallén Crux, our flag logo and the most ambitious, a PH Artichoke light. Lindsey is amazing.


mjölk and cookies!

Ok ok a couple of photos. I wish I took more but the space was ever evolving throughout the day, and there was always something to tend to.


Skagerak teak storage solution with some simple Pia Wallén stockings. Wish we could sell the Iittala fireplace, you know, for Santa.


A section of the Studio Junction 25 foot long C-shelf, with teak interior.

By the end of today, our showroom was getting pretty rammed, but it’s only because we don’t have any furniture in yet and our back area is still under construction.

Ok, I am spent. Wish we could share more tonight, but 2 hours of sleep is inhumane. I’ll share some more photos tomorrow! Off to bed! See you tomorrow!

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