DIY: Porcelain light fixtures

December 8th, 2009

New lights in hallway-1

We’re sick of these gross glass ceiling shades.

New lights in hallway-2

They’re all over the apartment, in every room, it was especially terrible in the hallway since it is ugly times 4.

New lights in hallway-3

We decided to make a trip over to the stockyards and pick up a bunch of these porcelain fixtures. They are just so pleasant simple and industrial, the clear 40watt bulbs have a nice exposed filament look to them.

New lights in hallway-4

I (John) am actually proud of myself because I became a man yesterday, instead of my usual man/boy reality, I did a manly man DIY. The idea of doing electrical was a bit overwhelming at first, but I was surprised how easy it turned out to be. I was so jazzed up I even re-wired a pendant light and strung it up over our dining table. You’ll have to check back for photos.

New lights in hallway-5

I know it’s hard to tell what an improvement it is from the photos, but it’s much nicer. At least we think so… We did have someone come by today and they weren’t into them, but our tastes are probably much different.

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