Oh! Christmas Tree!

December 7th, 2009


A few weeks ago, while at Home Depot for some random electrical stuff, we caught the live Christmas tree bug (and almost impulse bought an electric fireplace while we were at it). I wish we could have bought this stand, but didn’t have the foresight…so of course we had to deal with what was on offer. The Devo inspired selection we picked up is actually pretty cool.

That night, we attempted to decorate said tree, only to find one very important thing: LED xmas lights are ugly. They are weird extreme colours and seem to buzzzzz my eyes. We had one strand of cool white which wasn’t bright at all, and one strand of colours. We attempted the colour strand but the only theme that arose was tacky 80s mish mash. So I am sorry to say, incandescent it is! I tried…

After all this light drama, the tree sat unadorned for a week and a half until this weekend we finally made it all pretty. This is the first year with this theme/colour scheme (the past 4 years I had been doing a blue/silver/white combo with an antique feel).


Iittala Taika glass ball.


Straw decoration from Ikea a few years ago.


Vintage set of 4 I bought from the St. Lawrence Antique Market about 7 years ago.


Paper origami – currently at Ikea. I love the subtle punch of black. I also got these in red and white.


Red wood bead garland. I think I got it from Canadian Tire a few years ago, to wind around a wreath. I’d love a bit more as this strand isn’t enough.


Ikea again, from a few years ago. I actually have 4 sizes of this but only used the smallest on the tree this time.


Awesome vintage Santa…


…and accompanying Mrs. Claus.


Apples from my dad’s decoration collection.


As are the bells.


And finally, the angel at the top. Vintage from Value Village.

I love this tree – it’s like a wedding: something old, something new, something borrowed, something…oh well…close enough.

You know what I want? I want to see what you’re all up to! Send us a pic of your decorations please please please! info [at] kitkadesigntoronto [dot] com

Happy Holidays!

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