mjolk store update

December 2nd, 2009

Sorry for being so MIA lately. It’s getting down to crunch time – only 12 more days until we open and there is still way too much to do. Yikes! We have a lot to say too, but it’s all mjölk blog related so we’re having to save it up for when the site goes live. But check out the progress that has been made in the store!


Floor! Not on the floor! (yet)


Desk! What a lovely piece of furniture to have to touch every day. Look at the wood grain! This is some beautiful reclaimed wood from a local factory.


The exposed brick is going to be covered, in order to hide wiring and also because it doesn’t jive well with the whole Scandinavian woodsy vibe. Peek through the window to see a bit of the dramatic feature wall!



rainy day-1

rain…perfect for a cozy night in playing some music, John on the lap steel, Juli plunking away on the acoustic and then opting for the less crippling Wurlitzer.

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