Kitka bathroom: Wants & Needs

November 20th, 2009

bathroom images-1

Beige beige beige, everywhere, builders grade no less. Awful.

bathroom images-2

Yum. These weird water stains are verging on horror movie. I think they just put up drywall and painted it beige without even priming the drywall. It was sucking up the white paint like crazy.

bathroom images-3

Not to get too adventurous in the bathroom we decided just to stick with the same white we used in the living room. As you can see it’s a big difference between the shades.

bathroom images-5

Well kind of a big difference also: blinding.

bathroom images-6

Dream hairspray Juli’s friend Noelle brought back from Norway. There’s no dream better than dream brand dream spray by dream brothers.

bathroom images-10

Well the white helps, but still this bathroom is quite boring. It needs some skittles for sure.

bathroom images-7

This vipp used to be our green bin container which was a good and bad idea. I like it much better in the bathroom.

bathroom images-8

Oh yea I forgot to mention the lighting in the bathroom is pretty gross. You can also find these glass shades throughout the rest of the apartment. I guess it could be worse.

Now we’d like to do something called Kitka’s want and needs, because there are always way more wants than needs. In this game we get to say what we need followed by what we would LOVE to use.

Kitka needs: New Towels!

Kitka wants: Vipp towels:

Picture 2
Just a wonderful set of towels, they are a blend of cotton and bamboo. Bamboo has a lot of anti-bacterial properties which works great in the bathroom, and the gray would look amazing against the white walls.

Kitka needs: A bathroom mat

Kitka wants: Skagerak teak bathroom mat

Teak is just so durable and warm.

Kitka needs: New shower hooks

Kitka wants: Vola accessories

Picture 8

Magnetic soap holder

Picture 7

Arne Jacobsen designed towel hooks. Now I’m thinking this blue/green colour reminds me of Room 606 by Arne Jacobsen, which would be a really neat colour to have in our bathroom! Along with a bunch of Arne Jacobsen designed hardware? Oh yes please!

Picture 9

Arne Jacobsen designed toothbrush holder

Picture 6

Arne Jacobsen designed toothpaste holder. He also designed a wall mounted bottle opener and ashtray which we would love to rock in our bathroom. Too bad neither of us smoke…or drink whilst bathing.

Kitka needs: a new light

Kitka wants: Louis Poulsen Ballerup ceiling light


Designed for a high school in Denmark, this ceiling light provides a soft downward light thanks to it’s opal glass cylinder. It would be perfect for our bathroom!

Yes, please.

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