Apartment update: Børge Mogensen sofa

November 18th, 2009

borge mogensen sofa-4

Well I want to start this post off by saying THANK YOU to all the carpenters downstairs in the store that helped us get this sofa in the apartment. It only took removing 2 doors, one of which had to have its entire frame removed.
And carrying it up a very narrow fire escape…

borge mogensen sofa-6

It does look so much better, and closer to our intention of white, black, and teak.

borge mogensen sofa-5

The Arne Jacobsen floor light was a very worthwhile investment for us, we use them everyday for long periods of time.

borge mogensen sofa-7

The Hans Bølling duck family is so awesome!

borge mogensen sofa-9

This is said doorframe that needed to be removed, it looks much more rustic now.

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