Light, white, and modern

November 10th, 2009


Well it’s still early and we don’t really know what we’ll eventually do when we renovate the apartment, but I’ve been dreaming up some ideas. I’ve always really loved the look of light wood and white walls, and I’ve found the perfect examples of these being executed.



House N by Sou Fujimoto Architects. It’s such a beautiful home you should really check it out.



House No. 5 design firm Claesson Koivisto Rune. We blogged about this before and I haven’t forgotten about it. It just hits all the right notes for me

Light wood floors

the image is from and live/work home in Nikko by architect Japanese Katsutoshi Sasaki. I just love the open space and the slanted walls.


Now the winning design combination of 2009! light wood and white painted metal staircases, let’s take a look at a few more.

white staircase

Oh yea, all these examples only work if you never plan on having children, or aging.


I think I need this no matter how “not up to code” it is here in Canada. Nobody can come to our house unless you sign a waiver saying you won’t sue us if you fall down our metal staircases that is blinding from all the natural light being reflected off the white surface.

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  1. Fabulous collection of photos, you may find some more inspiration over at Light Locations

    it’s addicting.


    10 Nov 09 at 9:53 pm

  2. I also love this combination! We’re in the middle of redoing our whole upstairs, and right now we have the light wood floors and white walls. I kind of like it, it’s so simple and clean but leaving it won’t match the dark woods in the main floor.

    We’re excited to see what you do with the new apartment! You can always install a clear plastic railing on the sides of your stairs to help with the children and aging :)


    11 Nov 09 at 6:48 pm

  3. So nice.
    As much as I love layers and textures and colours, this look grabs me too. Calm, edited, focused.


    12 Nov 09 at 1:37 am

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