First day!

November 5th, 2009


We survived the move! Remarkably, it was a pretty smooth day.

We found our movers, Ultimate Choice Movers through the homestars website, which is pretty much my go-to source for trade work, taken with a grain of salt [UPDATE: we used this company a second time and it was TERRIBLE. Don’t recommend anymore]. The guys that did our move were great, even when they had to haul about 20 giant boxes of books not once but twice (I was told that the size of box I was using was “perfect for books”, but I still felt way bad). The piano movers came and went. Joshua Jensen-Nagle, the artist who did two of the major pieces we own, was super nice and helped us out by transporting and storing our art in his studio until we settle in – which seriously was the best idea ever because we still haven’t dug out from all the boxes yet. And around 10:30am I realized our snowball-style pendant light was still hanging in our hallway, so I quickly called Java Electric, the same person I used to install it, and he came within an hour to help us out! I was even able to coordinate Molly Maid to give the apartment a quick scrub because the last thing I wanted to do was to clean a dirty bathroom at the end of such a long day.

The worst thing about the day was that our coveted Borge Mogensen sofa didn’t make it up to the 2nd floor. It is sitting in the basement, keeping the piano company. We still need to devise a way to get it into our living room because the other sofa we have is very painful to sit on (and the cats don’t fit).

After we moved in John put together a make-shift living room, we picked up some local junction pizza from Vesuvio (note: we checked out Vesuvio in the summer and thought it wasn’t that great but their take-away pizza is really amazing) and then crawled into bed to watch The Hour. Incidentally, we discovered that we get about 8 channels so we are going to try and go without cable. The experiment begins…

As for the apartment, it’s pretty great. Size is good, though we all keep running into each other in the hallway and the cats don’t like that much. Needs PAINT, lots and lots of cloud white paint. And we have a plan brewing for the kitchen because it’s good, but right now the best looking thing in there is our Jasper Morrison toaster and coffee maker.

More soon!

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