Kitka’s on Vacation

October 30th, 2009

Hello friends!

It’s time to declare a vacation. Sadly, it’s not of the European kind, just a brief break from posting. On Monday we have a big day of moving and then NO internet connection for at least a few days. Hopefully we’ll have an update sometime next week! Maybe photos of the new apartment – hah! that’s ambitious. How does one decorate temporarily? Any tips from you renters out there? We can’t do too much as down the road we want to renovate fully.

A teaser of our new living room:

living room-1

[if anyone is friends with the 3 guys that used to live here, please let them know that we are sorry and had no choice! and John would liked to have jammed with them…)

Also, the store construction will be in FULL SWING starting Nov 3rd. We have the brilliantly compatible Studio Junction on the team and it’s going to be AH-MA-ZING. Check in for photo updates of the progress!

I (Juli)  am currently brain dead due to countless hours calling utilities/phone/internet etc that I can’t even write any more. Hot Tip! If you are moving and you’re so tired of how much Bell Canada is charging that you think to yourself, I may as well just cancel my account, call them 30 days in advance or they charge an extra month as punishment. Not. Happy. Otherwise, things are moving along with normal amounts of stress and cats freaking out.

See you sometime next week, hopefully!!!

xox Juli & John

Ps. Still sorry about the slow loading time. I have NO idea how to fix it…my photo sizes of recent posts have been reduced drastically in size. No time to update the zillions of too big photos until more settled in. Bear with us! We appreciate it!

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