Kitka wants needs: shoji screens

October 29th, 2009

shoji 1shoji 2

This is the most practical way of having floor to ceiling windows I have ever seen! I would love to do something like this with the new place if we could afford to have big glass windows in the back of our building.

Picture 1

We love the court yard house which is in our new neighborhood. They have used shoji screens to provide privacy for their bathroom but since they are translucent they allow natural light to pass through to the hallway.
via Studio Junction


A more traditional Japanese use of the shoji screen.
via Ryokan Maandini




Here’s a modern interpretation of a Shoji screen being used as a large room divider / door. It’s pretty spectacular, I wonder what kind of hardware they used.

via spacious planet

Picture 1

Scandinavian influences + a shoji inspired screen that separates a guest bedroom from a “contemplation room”. How very zen!

via Architectural Digest

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