Update on Technical Problemos.

October 9th, 2009

Ok. So I finally tried the Photoshop Save for Web solution to get the photo sizes down more and wouldn’t you know, it worked (thanks Paul from Kiosk). Seemingly twice the labor for me now, but worth it if I can get the site to work faster! Again, our apologies for the slow photo loading time…should improve over the next week (because I am not going to update ALL the photos on the site…that would be mad crazy right now).

Patience my pretties.

And while I am at it, thank you to everyone for continuing to check in with us! We are so happy that you make us a part of your day. And a big welcome to all you new readers (because there are quite a lot of you in recent weeks!). What can you can look forward to in the coming months? Updates on our super amazing new store (opening December 2009), and our move to a crazy small, dark, narrow apartment (what will we do? what will we do?). Life changes!

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