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October 12th, 2009

Everyone loves a good before and after! If you are currently looking at houses that are stuck in the 70s, or renovating said beast, Jennifer Hannotte’s home should help put you at ease. Oh, by the way, if you notice that furniture keeps moving around in the photos, Jennifer is a self-professed space changer-upper…I just couldn’t decide on a few photos to share so I basically ransacked her flickr.



Who are you, what do you do for a living? We are Jenn, stay-at-home-mom to Beatrix and Willa, and Marc, a tv director.


Inspiration for home? I don’t know that there ever was or is a specific point of inspiration, and there is certainly no absolute goal. I love interiors and our relationships with them, and the objects we surround ourselves with – figuring out the story in all of that.



Most Cherished item/ Favorite Piece? I don’t cherish any of it! I tend to buy and sell things on craigslist like a maniac – I try to buy things that I know will be easy to sell again at the same price I paid so I’m never out of pocket, but get the change I think I need!


[what an amazing find! Definitely a quality piece, and quite possibly a Poul Cadovius]

Best Deal? The teak wall unit – i only have 2/3 of it set up and I paid $300. And, the Fritz Hansen chairs (one in Willa’s room and one in the entrance way) – they were sitting in an office I worked at in Winnipeg and I asked the boss if I could take them – he said yes!



Biggest Splurge? I suppose the counter tops (quartz); they were also the only thing we were sure about since the beginning of the kitchen reno.


Most Gratifying DIY? For me, the floors upstairs [look after the jump for photo]. They were beyond repair and we weren’t in a position to replace them. i hand-sanded, primed and painted them and it totally transformed the whole feel of the 2nd floor of the house. Marc’s would be the ‘backsplash’ in the nursery – again, because we couldn’t afford to do otherwise, we took inspiration from an image from Living Etc. and found a bunch of boards in the rafters of our garage and cut them down and screwed them up.


What would you do differently? The farm sink in the kitchen! It’s not even made to be in a peninsula so the back side of it is unfinished and doesn’t exactly look great. The floors in the laundry/toy storage/mud room – it’s an industrial rubber flooring which I thought would be perfect for the multipurpose room, but the colour I chose nicely highlights every bit of dirt, salt from the snow, etc.


Plans for future? The exterior of the house leaves a lot to be desired, but we still have 2 bathrooms to deal with and are considering converting the huge attic space. The list is long!


Kids room 1:



[Love the scrap wood backsplash feature next to the change table…this set up is perfect for those random 2nd floor kitchens.]

Kids room 2:



Click through to see the before (ack!) and afters! And remember, if all else fails, coat everything in white paint. It just works.


front entrance before


front entrance after


upstairs hallway before


upstairs hallway after (hallelujah)


bedroom before


bedroom after






Thanks for sharing Jennifer and Marc!

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