Carol’s black & teak sideboard

October 2nd, 2009

Carol over at machine age modern came up with a really clever way to transform glass covered buffets into a sleek modern console.

I’ll let her tell the story:

tv console side

Many of us welcome and enjoy the addition of a Danish teak sideboard into our homes for storage. They add warmth and style into living, dining and sometimes alternative rooms like bedrooms.

They are a main stay of most vintage shops. Where I work, Machine Age Modern, we often acquire the sideboards complete with the buffet cabinets that sit on top. These two pieces together really have a dated look and the glass fronted buffets are removed and sometimes discarded.

But recently I’ve begun to appreciate the top buffet cabinet for their narrow depth. They often range between 12 and 14 inches deep. They generally have small side supports that when placed directly on the floor act as short legs.

Picture 2

I had a  wonderful design “ahaaaa!” moment and painted the back side of the two glass doors with ordinary black latex paint (using a roller, 3 coats). I added additional glass shelves to store many pairs of shoes.

Picture 1

This console-sized cabinet sits in my entry hall, neatly holding my shoes for each days’ outside adventure. On top I’ve placed my phone, key holder and sunglasses.

And lately, I’ve realized how wonderfully proportioned these cabinets are for holding flat panel tv’s only taking up a 13″ deep footprint in the room.  I had one in the store that sold quickly for use with a tv.

Keep your eye out for one that you can re-purposed.

Thanks for sharing Carol, and I must say I really love the look of that rug!

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