The Junction: The Beet

September 22nd, 2009


Today we spent the morning in the Junction, checking out our new store space. But before that we grabbed some breakfast at The Beet, a yummy organic cafe and market located on our block. Housed in a grand old TD bank building, the space boasts super high ceilings (as do many Junction buildings) and perfect corner lot (with a cute patio we will be frequenting next summer!).



A view of the streetscape from the patio. Check out the cool black lampposts, the last frontier style buildings, and the slightly random but kinda neat Rue Morgue House of Horror located in what used to be a funeral home (from what I gather, they have a magazine and put on horror related events and film screenings).


Besides having eco food, The Beet prides itself on eco-friendly interior design. The pendant lights hanging above the counter area we just saw in the basement of local reclamation shop Post & Beam. Some of the tables and chairs are from local shop Forever Interiors while the rest are made from sustainable eco materials.


This awesome tiled floor (think mid-century modernist homes) they uncovered under layers and years of additions. I can’t quite recall from how far back that they dated them, but 1917 rings a bell…or possibly earlier than that.


The high ceilings have been outfitted with some low-tech but visually interesting lighting solutions.


The ubiquitous Junction record player. Strangely enough, we were always planning on using a record player in the store as an excuse to actually listen to the vinyl John collects. Seems like we will fit right in because that’s what everyone is doing in the Junction…and it seems that David Bowie is the theme music to the area, as everyplace we go to seems to be playing him.


They sell a limited amount of produce, fair-trade coffee beans, nuts and other such things. Hopefully as they grow they will carry more product, but The Beet is still a fairly new business to the area.


Yummy baked goods!


Their coffee is really good (organic, fair trade coffee and milk/cream)…and they have quite the community message board going (especially near the bank machine in the foyer).


John had the banana, peanut butter and honey sandwich.


I had the delectable huevos rancheros with salad (a real salad, with beet and nuts, not that musculin mix that masquerades as salad).


We’ll be seeing a lot more of you, The Beet….

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