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September 16th, 2009

Poppytalk, danish piano

I came across this beautiful image on Poppytalk yesterday, a gorgeous teak piano paired with an Arne Jacobsen side chair. I play a lot of music so I really like having instruments at the ready, hanging out in the living room. So it was really nice seeing a big piano working wonderfully in someone’s living room especially with a Scandinavian aesthetic… Right now we have Juli’s mother’s piano, an old Wurlitzer electric piano, and my electric guitar sitting in our living room and since they’re all vintage and cool looking instruments I think it all works.

Picture 1
But where can you get a fab Danish piano like the one in the first photo? Denmark of course! This one is $1153 USD from Klassik. Honestly this would be in our house right now if it weren’t for the shipping price.

Zoe Deschanel
Here are a couple acoustic guitars hanging on the wall in Zoe Deschanel’s home.

How do you feel about hanging guitars on the wall?

To finish off the post here is a video of Yazo Kayama live in the 60s.

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