Guerrilla Gardening

September 15th, 2009


We just spotted this fresh installation on Harbord Street. Not sure if it has anything to do with the new little gallery opening down the way, or some random OCAD student doing an assignment for their Installation class, or just a random act of niceness. This building miffs me because for as long as I’ve been living around here (10 years off and on), this wide, one-storey building has been borded up and accumulating layer upon layer of advertisements and posters.


Cutting into what must be at least a thousand layers of paper, the guerrilla artists made a perfect little pocket for some greenery. Evidence of what was probably a nighttime adventure, is left on the concrete below.


This cute little heart shaped pocket was the first thing I noticed.


There’s even a little birdhouse!


A side view…


It’s pretty subtle but it does brighten up this anomaly along an otherwise tidy Victorian strip.

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