The new normal?

September 16th, 2009

A quick question. How do you feel about infill housing? The kind that happens in established urban neighborhoods, where quaint post-war bungalows get switched out for large new builds. This has been happening in North Toronto (between Davisville and York Mills along Yonge St) my whole life. Areas like Leaside can kind of handle it because the properties have a larger footprint, but what about more condensed streets.

The reason I am asking is because the other day I took a side road that runs north of Lawrence, west of Avenue Road and was AGOG at what was happening. I am surprised I didn’t get into a fender bender what with all my rubber necking.

And here is the reason why: On a stretch of road about 1 kilometer long, I was confronted with infill house upon infill house upon infill house to the point of being dumbfounded. About 85% of the street (if not more) has been converted into what looks to be the suburbs. It’s as if different people keep using the exact same builder. Nothing against the homes, but I feel like the street has lost all character. It’s seems too manufactured.




One lonely little home among the big kids. I get that a tiny post war bungalow just doesn’t cut it for most people any more but jeeze louise.




Anyway, I just had to share because it was such a surreal street. When did this become the new normal???  It’s not like I want everyone to have super modern homes or anything. I can appreciate more classic styles but how did this house style become the NEW go-to style?

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