eBay find: Michael Lax Iroquois Primaries creamer

September 4th, 2009

michael lax-2

Well it’s been a long time since we’ve attained a design object from Michael Lax’s Iroquois Primaries line. The line was inspired by the tension between light and dark and now I finally have a black creamer to pair with my white sugar bowl!

michael lax-1

You might have seen this listing on eBay, it was for a pair of creamers. Surprisingly there wasn’t much competition and I got the two creamers for 25 bucks! These are incredibly rare and as much as I liked getting the deal, I was kind of disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm for these design objects. Michael Lax is one of my favorite designers and even though he has quite a following in the design community, it seems he is still fairly unknown.

michael lax-3

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