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January 22nd, 2009

We’re watching Vancouver based entity “Ricochet Studio“. It seems that every time we look, we’re always seeing new and interesting objects from “Ricochet Studio”. This month has been exceptionally exciting, taking us to places that are at once beautiful, ornate, challenging, and always imaginative. The newest piece being showcased at MADE’s exhibition “Radiant Dark: Elegant Corruptions” (which we’re looking forward to attending) is titled Urn:



“The frame on an 18th Century vase exposes a soft interior”

If this is the first time you’ve been introduced to Ricochet allow us to share with you some of our favorite pieces:


Best Before – The Interior is glazed for actual use!



Accident – It happens…



SweetTooth Jar Performance & visual artist/dentist David Khang sculpted the prototype for this anatomically accurate, porcelain candy jar. This one has a gold filling (aka lid).
Shelf /Clamp This shelf looks great on its own or holding your favorite books. Cast entirely in bone china, the working f-clamp can open and close allowing for multiple configurations. Each shelving unit is individually assembled.

Printmaker Diyan Achjadi worked in their studio to develop Mine. Cast in porcelain, this object uneasily fuses imagery of war and children’s toys.

Most of these objects are available on Ricochet Studio’s Etsy.

Ricochet Studio was founded by Jeremy Hatch and their manifesto is as follows: “Ricochet is dedicated to producing well designed, well crafted objects that span a broad spectrum of purposes: from functional to decorative, architectural to domestic, experimental to traditional.”

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