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September 1st, 2009

First, let me just thank everyone who left a comment on our Cottage renovation reveal!

Cottage Details-7

We celebrated the completion of the cottage with some friends over the weekend. When we made it back to the city it dawned on us… This may have been the last weekend we’ll have up here this season. Of course we’ll have to board up the cottage at the end of the month so we’ll be able to say our goodbyes, but we took our last dip in Georgian Bay on Saturday. It’s quite sad, we spent so much time working and renovating I don’t feel we had enough time to really enjoy it.

Cottage Details-8

When our guests left Sunday morning we weren’t as eager to leave, I had Juli’s camera out and took some more photographs of the cottage. I know we’ve been giving you cottage overload lately, but you’ll have to wait a year to see it again!

Cottage Details-1

It got pretty chilly in the mornings so we started a fire, and we kept it burning all day. It reminds me how desperate I am for a fireplace at home during the Canadian winters.

Cottage Details-15

Super cosy.

Cottage Details-14

Cottage Details-13

We picked up a Tivoli radio at Bay Bloor Radio on the way up to the cottage Friday. We’re always listening to the CBC during the drives to and from the cottage, we even had an on going joke about calling the cottage “Definitely Not Sarah’s Cottage”, after seeing Sarah Richardson’s Georgian Bay cottage on her design T.V. show. We would refer to our cottage as “DNSC” after the CBC program “Definitely Not The Opera”… It’s just nice having something on in the background while you’re making breakfast or laying around flipping through a magazine. Plus you can hook an Ipod up to it and have a crazy dance party.

Cottage Details-17

Cottage Details-18

This old atomic magazine rack from the 50s made a terrific firewood carrier.

Cottage Details-2

Stacked logs.

Cottage Details-9

Elk antlers.

Cottage Details-10

Ceramic figurines thrifted on our trip to Scandinavia.

Cottage Details-11

The ceiling slightly resembles a leaf.

Cottage Details-12

Cottage Details-4

Here’s a closer look at our under counter fridges’ handles, we made it from scrap wood from the kitchen’s birch ply counter top.

Cottage Details-6

It was as simple as cutting the shape of a handle and drilling it directly into the plywood covers with some super strong decking screws. Just cover up the holes with wood filler, sand it down after it dries, and seal it with a clear coat finish.

Cottage Details-21

A wonderful fish tea towel we purchased in Stockholm.

Cottage Details-3

Red cross.

Cottage Details-22

We purchased these at Value Village, they’re so cool looking on the wall.

Cottage Details-16

“Avoiding Goblins to be caught by Wolves”

Cottage Details-19

Cottage Details-20

We picked up some 2 dollar Super Nintendo games at the Salvation Army, it was really fun playing some nostalgic video games, plus Super Mario Cart two player was quite the hit!

Cottage Details-23

Blue door.

Cottage Details-26

Some old Cowboy Western books.

Cottage Details-27

Lisa Larson fox & Canada drum.

Cottage Details-25

Coloured bars on our old Hudson Bay point blanket.

Cottage Details-24


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